Specs & Features

  • Coriolis Deflection
  • Powder Burning Rate + and -
  • Crosswind Horizontal Deflection
  • Crosswind Vertical Deflection
  • Both Barometric and Station Pressure
  • Density Altutude
  • Scope Error Calibration
  • Spin Drift
  • Angle Shot in Degree and Cosine
  • Wind Zones between Shooter and Target
  • Use of True or Compass Bearings
  • Offset Correction for different Bullets and shooters
  • GPS Integration for Coriolis Effect
  • Range Table Accuracy
  • Path Metrics
  • Loophole shooting function
  • Kestrel Bluetooth Interface
  • Downloadable to Excel spreadsheet

Lex Talus FFS Delta V Ballistic Software

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This program has all of the features of the Delta IV plus a specialized work space for working out problems of shooting through an opening or loophole at a target. Specifically, the workspace helps the shooter determine the distance at which but bullet makes the initial intersection with the line of sight (LOS).

This tells the shooter the distance he must be to be able to shoot through the smallest opening possible. Second, the software will tell the shooter where the bullet is with respect to the LOS from the muzzle out to any practical range. This particular information is valuable to solve a number of shooting scenarios, not the least of which is shooting through a chain-linked fence which is situated between shooter and target. Given a target range and the distance to the fence, the program will indicate the bullet path at the fence allowing the shooter to organize the shot such that the bullet transits the fence through one of the chain-linked openings.

A similar approach would apply to shooting under a bridge or high tension wires. Or, at close range, whether a bullet will clear a wall, car door or other obstacle just feet from the shooter. When shooting through loopholes or an opening in foliage, it is important to know from the shooters point of view, the upper and lower limitations to avoid having the bullet hit the edges of the opening, whatever it consists of.

The program will compute "Reticle Brackets" which tell the shooter the upper and lower bounds of the area in the scope to be kept clear to insure an unobstructed path through the opening. In addition, depending upon the size of the opening and the distance the shooter is from the opening, the program can compute the maximum range in which a target may be acquired with the bullet guaranteed to successfully negotiate the opening. The program will tell the shooter whether this maximum range exceeds the supersonic range of the cartridge being used or, alternatively,
whether the accessible range is beyond the maximum useful range of the cartridge (defined as 1/3 the maximum possible range of that particular cartridge.)

These tools will permit a shooter to setup a shooting position to maximize the range he can effectively cover with the sure knowledge that he will be able to safely and effectively take any shot within that range and that the
bullet will successfully transit the opening on its way to the target.

This software will work on most portable handheld devices utilising Windows Mobile 5 or 6 operating systems. It ill not work on tablets, laptops, iPads', android phones etc. None of these devices use WM 5 or 6. There are numerous WM5 or 6 portable handheld devices available on the net, new or second hand with WM6 OS's These range from $80 through to $2800 from online stores or eBay.

Suggested PDA's in increasing order of cost.

HP Ipaq 111
HP Ipaq 212 Enterprise
Mio Mitac P550
Getac P535
Getac P236 / 336
Motorola MC Series PDA's
Trimble Nomad 900 Series

Software only, PDA not included

Part Number #FFSDV

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